Create  Healthy Habits That Enable You To Thrive!

Having worked in corporate banking for 16 years, I have first-hand experience of how an unhealthy corporate lifestyle can damage your health, your work performance and your home life. My diet was terrible, my schedule hectic and my mind was all over the place. I was out of control, drinking excessively to fit in and it was “the normal thing to do” and barely exercised. As a result of my lifestyle I was unhappy, drained of energy, constantly stressed and anxious over work, dissatisfied with my career trajectory and disappointed with life experiences. But, I have overcome them. If this sounds like you, I can help you escape the rut. 

I’m Lavinia, a dedicated health and life coach with a passion for helping my clients lead a more fulfilling, healthier and energetic life. Through commitment, integrity, empathy, non-judgemental evaluation and collaboration, I will help you make healthy choices and create sustainable habits to improve your overall outlook on life and wellbeing.

I usually work with women on a 1-2-1 basis or with groups in a corporate/SME environment. The programs and workshops include powerful healthy living programs that provide mental clarity and enable you to form healthy habits that benefit your overall health, your career and your family.

Take control of your life before you regret it. I will help you work out a healthy lifestyle that is tailored towards your commitments and preferences. The programs enable you to develop positive physical and mental health and give you the tools to create the life you want. I just have one question for you. A question I ask all my clients. The most important question.

Why are you here?

To be able to make positive changes, you need to know why you’re making them. It’s a classic case of needing to understand the problem before you can truly find a solution that works.

So, are you a good fit for my services?

If you:

  • Feel overcome by stress and anxiety about life right now
  • Want to make positive changes but not sure how
  • Feel like giving up because nothing else has worked
  • Want to enjoy your life and reach your goals
  • Feel like support and positive reinforcement to help you achieve your goals
  • Want to improve your overall outlook and wellbeing

If that sounds like you, then you’re just the kind of person who will benefit from my bespoke and tailor-made programs.

But, what do I know? Who am I to help people down this path of rediscovery? My story is a lot like yours, a classic tale of trying course after course, reading countless self-help books, trying therapy and, ultimately, still having that void. Still feeling low, still feeling lost, alone and panicking about not being where I thought I would be. Trapped by negativity. Sound familiar?

I felt like I was out of options, like I wasn’t good enough to keep trying. The headaches, the anxiety, it dragged me down. But, then, I found someone I could trust. Someone positive who made feel like I really could do it this time. Someone who helped to pull me out of that rut and get me to where I am today.

I went through very low and challenging periods and came out the other side. Now it’s your turn.

Get in touch for a free consultation and to find out how I can support you into being healthier, happier and teach you how to change your life.

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