Success Stories

When I first began my journey with Lavinia, I didn’t know what to expect, or what I was going to get out of it. The only thing that I knew at the time, was that I wasn’t the person I wanted to be. During our first session, I remember saying to Lavinia, “I feel like a caterpillar but want to be a butterfly”. I also wanted to be healthier both in mind and body. Through lack of confidence, I was always putting myself down, never putting myself first or making time for myself. Something had to change.

At times the sessions were thought provoking which made me dig deep. Homework was not always easy but I always knew Lavinia was there to encourage and support me. She was always positive and full of praise of my accomplishments.

After 90 days, I now feel more positive, not so critical of myself, acknowledge my daily/weekly accomplishments, however small, as Lavinia always said “small steps” and make time for myself. My eating habits have changed for the better and as a result I feel healthier. I know my journey is not over, as this is a life change but I honestly feel that at last the Butterly is emerging.

Thank you Lavinia, I couldn’t have done it without your guidance, support, praise and belief in me.



Lavinia Milner-Gray came into my life when I needed her. I had been going to the gym for sometime, I was “eating right” and I was investing in my personal development through therapy and personal coaching but I still felt I had no control over my wellbeing.

I was experiencing daily migraines that landed me in the emergency unit more times than I care to recount, heavily medicated on morphine or some heavy painkiller.

I was shedding some weight in the gym but felt I was not making progress I could see.

I was always bloated and in daily gut pain and I could not figure out why my bowels were so irritable.

A few months later and with weekly coaching from Lavinia, I have dropped a dress size and on my way to drop another. I am loving my gym work outs and sessions with my personal trainer but most of all I do not have daily migraines or gut pain.

With the coaching I received I have learnt to identify the foods that upset my gut and caused the constant migraines I was experiencing.

Through the amazing visualisation technique I am able to stop and think through each food, business and personal choice before I act.

I am more aware and present in my daily life and guess what… I feel amazing. I have learnt to surrender and take control in a more balanced way.

What a powerful life changing experience it has been.

Thank you Lavinia.



Thank you for shifting the change in me. I so needed the re-set cleanse after the festive season. After the two week detox with you I am feeling so much more centred and lighter (lost 2.7kg in two weeks) and I regained focus that I so desired after a hectic decedent festive season. Can’t wait to share my experience.



When I started the 90 Day Total Body Transformation Program with Lavinia. I thought it was all about my relationship with what physiologically fuels my body. The first doors we opened were my relationship with food, exercise and water. Those we sailed past effortlessly.

Then came the most challenging part, self-reflection.

This was something through busy-ness of life I have always shelved for later and through my sessions with Lavinia I tackled head on and she supported me through each and every hurdle and break through.

When I look back on the 90 days, I am in awe of the progress I made.



Lavinia has truly helped change my way of life. Being your stock stand, dubious young male I was cautiously optimistic in the lead up to the two week cleanse, with Origin of Energy Health Coaching.

The first thing that shocked me was the caffeine withdrawals, then the pure surprise at the sheer amount of added sugar in practically everything and most importantly was the change in energy. Sleeping better, eating better, living better and the best part of all was having Lavinia there to not only support and guide me through the process, but identify how I can change certain lifestyle factors moving forward.

The process truly helped me change my own attitude towards my own health and made me realise the errors in my ways.

Thank you Lavinia! Looking forward to the next challenge.



When I first approached Lavinia to discuss life coaching I was anxious and lacking in confidence. Lavinia provided me with a structured pathway to overcome these challenges. She provided me with the accountability and guidance to assist me in reaching my goals. After completing the program with Lavinia, I have become more assertive and confident in my work and personal life. My anxiety levels have reduced dramatically. This life changing experience was completely worth it. I owe so much to Lavinia for helping me overcome those challenges and I am excited for the new me.



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