Interview With Lavinia

How long does it typically take to implement permanent change in your life to the point where it becomes habit?

Research has shown it takes 66 days for a person to change their habits. 66 seems to be the magic number. Having gone through The Freedom Method myself I can attest to that time-frame.

What is mindfulness and what are the benefits?

I’m glad you asked because, honestly, I think that everyone would benefit from practising mindfulness. It consists of taking some time to be present in the moment and be aware of yourself, your feelings, your behaviours and your surroundings. It’s commonly thought that mindfulness can only be practised through meditation, which isn’t strictly true. You can practice mindfulness anywhere and at any time simply by tuning into your own body at that moment.

Being aware of our mind-state is the first step towards understanding ourselves and implementing positive change within our lives. Good habits can be formed just as bad ones can and that’s what we need to focus on when considering mindfulness. We’re becoming aware of ourselves in order to make positive changes.

There is now scientific evidence and studies of the benefits of practising mindfulness and I’m so glad, because it adds to the credibility of it. People from all walks of life are now turning to the practice to improve their lives.

Some benefits include reducing stress, depression and anxiety, increasing brain functionality and memory, improving concentration and promoting a healthier body image.

I’m a big advocate for mindfulness (as you can probably tell!) because I’ve spent many years practising it myself and have experienced the positives first-hand.

Where does mindfulness fit into your programs?

Our bodies are always sending us messages, but we may have forgotten how to listen to them. Becoming mindful builds up our intuition and helps us understand our body’s needs better. Intuition, in turn, helps us determine the best foods for our body type, the best life choices and the best exercise. By practising mindfulness we will achieve our goals a lot quicker and create healthy habits that last, which is the ultimate aim for my programs.

I’ve committed to so many things in the past and always resorted back to my old ways. How do your programs encourage permanent change?

You most likely resort to thinking, feeling and living the way you did without fully understanding why you followed a path. In the program, we will focus on the best tools to help you through negative emotions and mindsets. Without ignoring them. Ignoring negative thoughts and trying to push them away can often lead to relapse. My programs focus on building long lasting healthy habits because they address the negativity and force you to deal with it.

Is there ever a “right time” to start your programs or is it better to jump right in?

The “right time” is when you are ready and committed to make the change in your life.

What will we discuss in our free discovery call?

We uncover what your health and life goals are and the reason WHY you are ready to make the change. We will discuss how the right system, support and accountability can help you reach your goals through my health and life coaching.

Are medical conditions and current fitness levels taken into account on your programs?

Yes they most definitely are and we will work with your medical practitioners to help you achieve your goals.

Will you be there to support me and encourage me if I’m having trouble or feeling unmotivated?

My clients have called me their “cheerleader” and tough love coach, so yes, I will be right by your side giving you the support you need to help you achieve your goals.

In your opinion, what is the best way to motivate yourself to lead a healthier lifestyle?

By having the right system, support and accountability I am more likely to achieve my goals. I have engaged with a health and life coach for myself on numerous occasions and on all of those occasions I have succeeded in achieving my goals. In fact, I always work with a coach when I have specific goals for myself as I believe I am more likely to follow through, grow and push myself to new limits in all areas of my life.

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